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Flaming Kisses

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


Nightwish. While your lips are red.

The milky mist swirling around the moon,
Held a delight that would be gone all to soon,
It began with tendrils of sweet desire,
Lifted on wings of passion created by Satan's fire.
Eye's of cobalt blue piercing like a blade,
A look of intense beauty my heart could not evade,
Arms like rings of steel held us in a grip,
Pulses dancing together off each other they kick.
Thoughts are limitless but only go so deep,
In the eye of passion they swiftly secrets keep,
No need for speech each knows the other,
Gently whispers seek like lips to cover.
Floating in a breeze not air or water can hold,
Embraced among the stars by fingers of liquid gold,
No sound except the beating of our heart,
Skin touching skin could never drift apart.
Kisses burned so hot created inside our head,
Unknown from whence they came but knowing where they're led,
Shifts of movement in unison straddling across the ocean,
Air currents interrupted by sound pushed us into motion.
Our lips touched and immediately began a flame,
I knew from that moment things wouldn't be the same,
Time had no meaning it ceased to be profound,
The heat of our embrace lifted us off the ground.
Inside your eye a deepness swallowed me completely whole,
My body began to sag as you took from me my soul,
I swam inside you like a microscopic being,
Wanting so much the mysteries before me I was seeing.
I became a light that complimented your dark,
Like birdsong in a forrest sweetly sung by the lark,
With unbridled intimacy I began to taste,
The sweetness of your love with urgency and haste.
Kisses burned like fire across my lips so tender,
Aching muscles adjust the joy I tried to render,
Goosebumps exploded from somewhere deep within,
A tiny point of anticipation surged forward to begin.
Reams of smoke uncoiled before me like willow the whisp,
Floating on the astral plane where reality slipped,
I don't need to speak you understood all I knew,
My thoughts absorbed by your beauty absolutely true.
Incandescent light flooded right across my sight,
Before me a perfect vision of you glowing in the night,
Your skin moistened with an unobtrusive glow,
Hand held out toward me it's now that I must go.
In the distance between ethereal clouds that sway,
We journeyed on together toward another day,
Where passion transcends all furtive attempts at pleasure,
Every desire would be catered for long as we're together.
Sometimes a dream is more precious than any treasure,
But kissing you there's no greater or sweetest pleasure,
In my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times,
In my heart for you, I've wrote a poem of love one thousand lines.

© 2019 Mark

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