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Flames of Desire: A Short Poem

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Dan K typically writes about "Minecraft," but he/him also writes poetry, free verse, and occasional short stories.

The flames of desire, white hot,
Leave only scorched earth;
Encircling all before them,
Destruction, absolute.
Smoldering embers and smoke plumes
The only evidence of their passing.
Brimstone and ash,
Unsated desire left to simmer.
Feeding on all exposed flesh,
Leaving only bone;
From ash I have come,
Now to ash I must return.
Ceaseless and unquenchable,
The march of the flame rolls on.
Devouring all, yet hungering for more,
This flame will not be quelled

-Dan K

Have you ever wanted something so bad, felt a desire so fierce, that it feels as though it's burning you up inside? Nothing can quench the flames, except that which you desire. Go get it! Don't let desire completely consume you; keep just enough so when you get it, you can enjoy it.

It's a fine line between the warmth of the flame and its wrath. Bask in the warmth; avoid the wrath of the flame, at all costs.

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