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Five Awesome Acrostic Poems


Many love the chessapeake bay. They go

All year round fishing in their

Rowboats. The blue sky forever

Young. The city

Lights of Baltimore shinning so bright

And the evening stars like crystals


Days bring forth a chance to see the aquarium dolphins as the

Lovely children faces brightens with joy.

And their parents jubilation

Never wanting the fun to end nor the

Day's laughter


The ocean sea waves drifting below a rainbow

Into a young woman surf board. She

Doesn't like the ferocious winds.

Every second a memory lost in the moment


Morning spring flowers blooming in

A garden. The scent of fresh lily's

Yearning for sunrays and a happy



Just as the fireworks show. One

Unique sparrow fly high above the crowd.

Loud explosions mark the fourth as America celebrates

Years of struggle and independence


Beautiful braids of locs covering

Amira's head. Her hair is a fascinating

mural for all to see

No hairstyle more unique

The locs light

Up her face shinning like the stars of heaven

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