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Fish That Followed Me

Rdsparrowriter is a Sri Lankan Poetess written story books in poetry form. She's passionate and writes from heart covering subjects.


I was wondering whether I should share,
The dream that I saw last night which was fascinating
In my dream I saw my self leaving home in the early morning
All the roads and everything was just quiet and plain.

I saw a bridge and trees with just leaves on them
Some shanties and motor bikes parked on sides
I saw myself breathing, exited and simply walking
Although I have no idea where I was going.


Then I saw myself struggling to find my home back
The settings have changed, a large crowd gathered
Frantically searching for an exit that I suddenly got pushed in
Pushed into a large stadium and I wondered where I am.

I saw myself opening a door and went into a corridor
At first it looked dark then light came in from the sides
It suddenly hit me where I was standing and surrounded by glass
Then I realized there were fish floating in different size.


I looked around fascinated with size and beautiful colours
But the fish looked almost dead and sad as if nothing mattered
I saw myself keeping a hand on the glass and saying 'You are beautiful'
Simply speaking words of love and encouragement to each fish.

As if my words reached to them I saw slight movements but not that much
Then I felt a presence of another person in that same corridor
So at the end of the corridor I saw another door and I walked out
I was relieved to see that I was out from the bridge I saw in the morning.


But there were no trees instead a river was flowing under the bridge
I felt comfortable seeing the roads that are closer to my home
Suddenly with each step I took the tar road transformed into glass
Underneath I could see rushing water and some movements.

When I looked closely I could see fish swimming actively underneath
They were in different size and their eyes were no longer droopy
It looked as if they were dancing, free and happy
Although I told them to go back they kept following me.


Some even moved forward and suddenly two glowing fish jumped into air
I wondered how and saw an opened manhole
I was amazed and mesmerised by their glowing colours
In a distance heard my name so I opened my eyes to see my mom.

I had the most fascinating dream last night about glowing fish
Who followed me as if they wanted to keep me company
I don't know whether I reached home or not in my dream
I got up in the morning to pour my mom a cup of tea.


I usually forget the dreams that I have in the previous night or once I get up. Since I remembered, I thought I'll just put into a simple rhyme. In real life I hardly touch a fish or talk to them other than calling "Fishy Fishy" before I put fish food. Atleast that was two months ago and they all died when my mom changed them into new water. It's sad about 54 Fishy babies died. We didn't know that the chlorine in the water is not suitable for fish without plants or certain type of salt.

Only time I actually touch fish is when I have to clean them for cooking. I don't know why I feel sad even though fish are already dead if they have their heads on them but I feel nothing when it's already cut and all I have to do is wash and cook.

In my dream when I was walking, when tar road transformed into glass where I was able to see fish, they were eminating light from them as if they were glowing. Finally a beautiful dream so I shared :)


© 2020 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa