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First Step


Here I am at a brand new day
they all seem to start the same
day after day and year to year
as I wonder why I’m here?
I decide to hit the snooze
trying to hide from the bad news
I sleep because I’m afraid of change
something that is a part of every day.

But then today I got a start
I refused to fall apart
decide I have nothing I can lose
except for the time I spend in “snooze”.
So I decided to embrace the change
and maybe to rearrange
the thoughts I stored inside my head
better now than when I’m dead.

Now I greet the coming day
they still seem to start the same
except now I see a path
and I’m excited to explore that.
To really feel alive
no need to run and hide
now I’ll walk with no regrets
just had to take those first steps.