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First Love Never Forgotten: A Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


In those blooming youthful starts

when even winters felt like a spring

love was budding in impatient hears

just wondering whom Amor may bring.

And then that lover came invading our dream

with face and all the rest so hot that it burned

irresistible with yet unknown magic of gleam

which called for prayer for that love returned.

With joy so intense that it was hurting

we finally found the courage to say it all

first love words that came out in blurting

with crossed fingers and a hope so small.

There are hearts in no need to roam around

to try that second one and how many more

so some of us stayed with whom we found

each anniversary being first date's encore.

Years are passing and we get older

not craving so much, nothing to miss

summers get shorter, winters get colder

but spring brings memories of that first kiss.

True love, especially first love, can be so tumultuous and passionate that it feels like a violent journey.

-- Holliday Grainger

© 2022 Val Karas