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First Love Is Heart's Love


Love at First Sight.

I love you


No! No!

Love does not need to any reason,

Love is a different type of heart's vision.

When I saw him first time,

It was rainy days full of lime.

I was looking at him. continuously,

He was looking so cute and lovely.

I forgot everything,

I did not remember anything.

I was drowning in his blue eyes,

I had lost my all wise.

I had never felt this way before,

He was mine, I was sure.

Such a feeling never came to mind,

I fell down towards him from behind.

That moment was magical,

My heart was beating musically.

His one look was melting my heart,

My love for him was first.

But nowadays we are not together ,

But our love has not changed like the weather.

He was my first love; he was my first choice,

I can never forget his sweet voice.

His blue eyes, his fairy face,

I still remember his golden surface.

It's not necessary that our first love should be our last.

But our first love is remembered till our breath's last.

© 2022 Babykhushbu

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