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First Glance

I’m new but I want to write something. Cheesy teen romance from my POV maybe in letter form. But I’m anon.

Dear T,

From the moment I saw you I knew you were the one. Which one I didn’t know yet but you were going to be a part of my life. You were a year older at the time and I was naive. But at the time you were everything I wanted. You were brown haired and brown eyed. And had a slightest hint of a smile and I loved it. You were cute and tall and had me wrapped around your finger. I probably would’ve done anything you asked of me. And at some points in time I did.

My freshmen year, your sophomore year, was when we met and it was the best night of my high school life. We got along so well for being so new with each other. I remember you stealing looks at me and our eyes meeting then you looking away. How we kept moving closer to each other as the night went on. You were the one who I would think about for a good amount of the time. But I still don’t know who I was to you.



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