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Boots to Boots

I write as a hobby. Feedback is appreciated regardless of it’s support or criticism.

From Boots to Boots

Pancakes and playgrounds

Bicycles and school

Baseball and homework

Those years in the pool

Heart to heart talks

I hope they heard

Pride when I’d hear them

Spreading God’s Word

Laughing so hard

At things they would say

As the kids in the kitchen

Or leads in the play

Those anxious moments

Learning to drive

Each time they left

“Come back alive.”

The girls off to college

But still in the home

The boy off to boot camp

All on his own

Waiting for letters

Waiting on word

So full of joy

When we finally heard

Counting the days

To graduation

When he begins a new life

Serving this nation

That day has now come

We hoped it would last

But it could have been weeks

It still goes too fast.

He seems a bit different

More focused and lighter

Yet we still see our son

And hugs don’t get tighter

Our faith is strong

But it still feels odd

To release him to country

And the will of our God

Truth settles in now

He has a new plan

This boy is a sailor

This boy is a man

Dominic Gerace

© 2022 Nick Gerace

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