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Firm Roots

Often by the dawn, I cry,

For what could be lost,

For another life. - spent not in shackles, of soul and mind.

From her soft hands, paradise stems upwards,

Gloom supersedes pleasure,

When skittering about furtively,

Fright takes over.

I would bide my time - a thousand years

If only she were mine forever.

Her flowing hair - ebony rivers

Pouring down onto her shoulders.

Velvet lips and gleaming eyes,

The sweetest voice that smolders.

Yea, were you my onyx queen,

We would build a home to Heavens,

A home overlaid in gold,

With roots so firm,

No storm would weather.

You would be my bride divine,

Through happiness and sorrow twain,

We would rejoice, deliver life

Perchance never weep again.

Until that day, my darling dear,

I will cross the great divide,

To get to you, I'll sever mounts,

And chasms will subside.

A ring of fate is what will seal

A promise carved on heart,

We will be free, we will be whole,

We'll never be apart.