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Fires In Poetry: A Poem to Light the Heart

Tim Truzy is a poet, short-story author, and he is currently working on several novels.

Firefighters hurry to stop fires from destroying property and life

Firefighters hurry to stop fires from destroying property and life

Introduction: Fire! Fire! Everywhere!

When I was a newspaper columnist, I had the opportunity to interview a fire chief of a small town in this state. She explained saving lives and property filled her with a peace she could gain in no other way. However, she was constantly ridiculed and frequently ostracized. After further investigation with employees in the community, I learned she was resented by many for being a female minority holding considerable power in the town according to various sources. It occurred to me: she fought more than one fire at a time and had to be flexible.

Indeed, there are infernos consuming our landscape and society. Humans aflame at differences – immigrants, people of color, women - the groups and emotions are numerous, raging in a never ending Hell of our own making. The flames burst forth from hate, distrust, and misunderstanding. Wildfires are roasting our hearts as we seek shelter.

Yet, there are infernos consuming our landscape. Bonfires from hills of cooperation, making ashes of envy, jealousy, and resentment. Collaboration engulfing tyranny and oppression. Exploding forth from the power of love, cohesion puts out rage. Blazes of enmity look for places to hide from the fire that brings light.

We are like firefighters. We dislike destructive arsonists – those who would torch our dreams and hopes. This poem is dedicated to all of us who carry the tools to fight the devastating rampant waves of fire. We are sparks of light, and we stamp out smoldering smoke and confusion which some initiate. Enjoy: We are Firefighters.


We can cease from detonating hate

We can cease from detonating hate

We are Firefighters

Hearts glowing scorching passions ignited,

Fire trucks roll pass us to extinction,

Hand in hand we compiled kindling,

Love drowns anger with distinction.

Hydrants no water flow fire engine,

Flooded to murkiness future in toil,

Pleasant plateaus hide mountainous meadows,

I walk you ride along blistering soil.

Heedless flames inflame our unity

Hellish heat will not torch these foundations,

Disintegrating explosions massive,

Held together His administration.

We have to find hidden fires before they cause catastrophes

We have to find hidden fires before they cause catastrophes

They fail to see us; they walk over us,

Blacker death struck with powerful match,

Cruelty fuels and smelt tools of infernos,

Insulated fire does not catch.

“They are weak!” one cried from the dead ashes,

“They will not step into burning disease!”

“We carry a lighter!” I responded,

“Lantern carriers we are born with these!”

Gentle words melt hate to oblivion,

Molten temperaments erupting to cool,

Living in homes smoking to disappear,

Bombs in possession frustrate frying fools.

Firefighters must carry tools to neutralize dangerous substances

Firefighters must carry tools to neutralize dangerous substances

They left embers their past to reignite,

Fiery arrows they threw at you, Love,

Gear infused to withstand all Hell born storms,

Safe haven Fortress fire proof above.

O Dear Love! You radiate with passion.

O my beloved, blast us with your kindness,

O Heart. You anger hate with tenderness,

My Soul! Remove their obscuring blindness.

Hugs quench amongst the incineration,

Campfire extinguisher in my hand,

Blood mingled like fluid in those starters,

Fire fighters halt the burning of Man.

Interesting Facts About Fire

  • Fire is a chemical reaction creating heat and light and releasing various gases in the air. The color of the flame is dependent on the material being burned. Individual flames in most instances do not cast shadows, and most fires start from accidental mishandling of items such as cigarettes.
  • Christmas is the worse time for accidental fires. But in some countries, there are ritualistic dances in flames. Although the use of fire dates back to early homo sapiens, believing to first occur with cooking, controlled fire for entertainment was first used by the Chinese in fireworks.
  • Firefighters have one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Often, trained professional firefighters may set controlled fires in forests to reduce the likelihood of wildfires occurring. Fire extinguishers, which the public can obtain, may contain powder, carbon dioxide, water, or foam. Fire safety should always be a priority at home, in businesses, and in schools.
  • In literature, fire frequently symbolizes contact or a connection with divinity. This conceptual application of fire in writing probably started with religious text. For example, when Moses speaks to the "burning bush" in the Bible, most people understand Moses made contact with God. Fire is also used to express intense emotions of anger or even love between people. Fire is frequently viewed as a purifying or destructive force in some poetry, short stories, or novels. The inclusion of fire in most creative works usually signals a significant change is about to happen.
Preventing fires from starting helps the firefighter and all of us

Preventing fires from starting helps the firefighter and all of us

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