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Firefly Of Truth

Keen Writer!!! Highly believes in the power of words than the power of actions.

FireFly Of Truth

I kept shut-off

With any mouth off

No wonder

No wander

Howled gale

Night-time met

Lightning stroke

Deluge lashed down

Still, no roars

And, all ignores

Since paused for only thing

Paused for closely thing

Paused for the one and only:

'Firefly Of Truth'

When arrives, have a magical power

To heal, to deal, to feel

But to find one, is never a magic

It's quite a tragic

But to pause in, is the lonely door

When arrival, have a mystic power

To be cheery, to be merry, to be never teary

But to have one, is always a mystery

And is so misery

But to pause in bravery, is the only route

Thus, the only gate to one is 'pause'

Thus, the only gate to joy is 'Firefly of truth'

Thus, the only gate to hope is 'zeal'


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