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Fire of Ignorance Should Not Burn a Person Twice

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Group of Alumnites at Dinner Night

Group of Alumnites at Dinner Night

Before she secures admission

Into the institution she

Was appointed the youth

Leader of the neighborhood

She performed this role

Excellently well that many

Of the youths aspire

To be like her

For she has charisma

And was a motivator to

Everyone of them. She

Sets the pace.

It was therefore not

Surprising to them when

She told them that

She has been admitted

And would be on

Scholarship of one of

The richest men in

The neighborhood in the school.

When she got to

The institution, she faces

Her work squarely, hardly

Socializing with people.

After her graduation she

Started working with one

Of the companies in

The neighborhood

The alumni of the

Institution from which she

Finished formed a group

But the group wasn’t functional

Members of the group

Want the group to

Flourish and they met

For deliberation on the issue

What all of them

Identified as being the

Bane of the group

Moving forward is leadership

They agreed that they

Need to change the

Leader of the group

And put effective person there

They were however not

Sure of who to put

At the helms of

Affairs of the group’s leadership

After series of meeting

One of the older people

Suggested her, because she

Has seen her lead before

Everyone agrees with her

And they decided to

Contact her for this

She agrees to lead

In her acceptance speech

She prayed everyone to

Work with her because

She cannot do it alone

They all agreed to

Give her befitting support

So that the group

Moves forward in the world

When she became the

Head of the group

Social media have not

Become rampant as this


The most common social

Media in their locality

Then was email. She

Identified lack of communication

As one of the

Bane of the setback

Of the association and

She decides to bridge the gap

Thence she asks that

All get a functional

Email. Though this she

Started communicating with all

She sends words of

Encouragement to all the

Members of the group

Every week.

Anyone with issues that

She could attend to,

She would attend to it

On the social media

Those she couldn’t attend

To she would refer to

Those who are older

With more experience to bail them out.

The trust that has

Been lost among the

Group gradually was being

Restored as people started

To have confidence in

The group that it has

A wonderful future for

All members there.

In the meanwhile because

Internet has just been

Introduced into their land

She was naïve about

Internet scammers and phishing

Quite unfortunate for her

That she fell into

Wrong hands on the internet

She was scammed by

Some people, who sent

Message to her that

She has won some things

Through random sampling of

Her email, her email

Had been nominated for

The award of $750,000:00

She considers this a

Rare feat, because she

Comes from a humble

Background and thinks this

Is a means to bail

Her family out of

Their position of ignominy

And deep necked poverty

Because of her naivety,

She did not inform

Anyone about this and

Had to travel to the capital of her country

Because that is the

Only place where dollars

Could be exchanged and

There he hopes to be put through

Unknown to her that

She has been lured

To the place so

That she would be duped

She was asked to

Pay some amount as

The lawyers charges and

Other charges before such


Fund could be released

Into her account, for

That amount in her

Currency is hundreds of millions

Gladly she was going

Following the orders and

The conditions that those

People were passing across to her

With the hope that

Her cries and labors

Would soon come to

An end after the success of the deal

After finishing everything that

She was asked to

Fill on line and

Uploading them to the sender

She never received any

Message from those people

Again. Initially she thought

They were still working on it

But by the end of

The third day when

Nothing happens, then she

Knew that she has been scammed

She cried and cried

And was depressed. The

Message she used to send

To the alumni members

She couldn’t send them

Again. She has no

Money left on her

She has to borrow money

To travel back to

Her base. This incident

Hit her greatly such that

The boldness to browse again she doesn’t have.

She confided in one

Of her friends later

Who counseled her and

That because of the group

She needs to brace herself

Up and dust the past

Behind her to be

Able to leave legacy behind

She started sending messages

Again, but any appearance

Of any strange message

She would back out

She has cut off

Some of the aluminites

Too because of the

Experience because those people

Were new members the

Email addresses of those

She did not have.

Thus, she wouldn’t reply their messages

Until she sees someone

Who could vouch for

Those emails or send

The email to her as new members.

When messages are sent

To her on the social

Media stating that she

Needs to pay some money

She would say, they

Are around again, to

Scam me, I am

Now wiser, won’t allow that.