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Fire in the Sky_ A collection of nature poetry inspired by sunrises and sunsets

Kristen Howe was inspired to write these poems on watching sunsets and sunrises from her window, even from her mother's photos.

A Beautiful Sunrise Photo for Fire in the Sky--Not Mine!!


Fire in the Sky

Orange streaks the morning horizon,
Yellow highlights the flames of the sun,
Red blends the colors together in a great contrast,
A bright sunrise lights the way in a black background.

The colors of a fire spreads out in dawn,
Pretty to paint in watercolors or in oils,
Wonderful to shoot photos for nature lovers,
A fire in the sky is a nice morning surprise.

Sunsets Are Beautiful to Watch Over a Lake


Prime Glare and Dayspring Smolder

Prime Glare

White, puffy, spread out miasma in a clear skyline,
A triple threat of colors to shout across the ambit,
Reds shot across the view to the lake like a cannonball,
It sets the whole azure on fire, smoldering flames, all over.

Purples paint the canvas like a photogenic portrait,
Pinks pour over the scene to give it an appealing feel,
It's a prime glare, reflecting buildings and windows to the lake,
With a blazing hot sun to sear the moment.

Dayspring Smolder

A clear bring fall morning with bright red nebulas,
The day is alive with a bright orange blazing sun,
Gold flashes beyond the sphere to the vista,
And then all the way across to the placid lake.

Orange underneath it, is like a mini half rainbow,
A trio of bright colors lit up the sky like a dayspring smolder,
With an airy-looking touch to the picture of precipitation,
It's enough to snuff the fiery sky out of view.

Dark Sparkles and Peach Snuff

Dark Sparkles

Colors, now ultra-bright, nearly makes an ultimate scene,
Clouds vanish into a black void of darkness,
Yellow shines, like the crescent moon in the sky, and glows,
Orange dollops of color is thrown across the nightfall.

Dark sparkles of colors portrays a "black hole" look,
Circular in nature and space, but with a shot of bright red,
A faint overcast with a hint of blush and white combined,
Swirls of a trio of colors sink into the abyss of the night.

Peach Snuff

From the shoreline to the skyline to the frontier,
An array of pale colors makes the blaze come alive,
On a quiet morning, the sunup is visible before it fades,
Nebulas white, puffy, and some thin, stretched out like elastic.

A peach snuff is glowing and lighted up like ablaze,
Traces of red is elongated to the end of the peak,
Hints of yellow and light orange makes the peach color lighter,
On a quiet pre-winter morning, this light won't go out.

Summer's Gift

During the summer, spring, and early autumn and winter months, I’ve watched some amazing sunrises and sunsets just out my window of my condo when I lived in Lake County, Ohio with my mother. It was even beautiful to see them outside of my window, when the sun melts into the horizon, or when the sun wakes up with a yawn. It included some nice views of city light too.

To be attuned with nature, you can find inspiration right outside the window of your home. All you need is a camera to take the perfect shot, even if it's snowing or raining outside. If it's lovely in any season, take it outside and maybe go for a walk to look for the perfect shot for poetry, paintings, and so much more.

Here’s my first five nature poems with vivid descriptions of the sunrises and sunsets I've seen in the past. Enjoy!

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