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Fire in the Sky 3: Another Nature-Inspired Collection of Sunrise/Sunset Poetry

Kristen Howe was inspired to write these poems on watching sunsets and sunrises from her window, even from her mother's photos.

Amazing Views

Mother Nature provides us with amazing views, day and night. Like a splash of colors from an artist's palette, we wake up with a gorgeous sunrise when the sun displays bright oranges, yellows, and pinks in the sky. And then it dips to the horizon, melting like butter or wax from a candle against a dark-blue contrast in the background.

Whether you're a poet, a writer, a photographer, or an artist, this is the perfect opportunity to seize the moment to capture this sunburst of colors. It changes every day and night, when you never know what to expect. Watch it from the window or step outside, if the weather's not too cold, and let Mother Nature be your Muse for the arts.

I remembered watching it with my late mother every season from the window and snapping some photos from her camera. Our favorite ones were taped to a backing of a picture frame to hang on the wall. To this day, it brought back vivid memories of happy times with my mother. It would make a good collection to have as keepsake mementos to cherish forever. So check out the times the sun rises and sets at, or your local news station to follow the sun.

A Picture Perfect View of a Morning Sunburst


Sunburst and Aurora Illumination


A sky clear with blue coloring and white clouds,
Up above the visible horizon, near the mountains, a sunburst appeared,
At both ends of the spectrum, rays of warmth in orange light,
Shining down at us from earth to make autumn plants grow.

Beyond the sun, it's shivers of yellow streaks, pale and faint,
But just enough to light up the sky, between the clouds and sun,
A great duo of colors to equal the blend of the evening star,
It worked both ways from a picturesque window view.

Aurora Illumination

Yellow flashes through the blue azure,
Orange lit up the skyline on top,
Clouds grey, dappled and stretched across in long swirls,
A little bit of an overcast on the other side.

Red shines through, like a hot burning sun,
Another set of clouds, dappled, purplish, long, makes contact,
This aurora illumination sizzles in an overview,
A thin strip of peach blends in the bluish-purple sky.

Embers of a Sunup and Dawning Flame

Embers of a Sunup

Long, puffy, and white looming clouds above the sierra,
Orange spread all over like little embers,
Yellow splashed the scene like paint on canvas,
It resembled a dormant volcanic on a brink of an eruption.

A hint of blush is near the horizon border,
The sunup was glowing and rising halfway,
The skyline was a nice shade of cerulean blue,
From a panoramic window view, it's even more spectacular.

Dawning Flame

Earlier lighter colors are now brighter and fluoroscent,
Orange melts like molten lava all over the sky,
Red sneaks through the scene in a burst of color,
Grey dappled, swirling clouds float in a slow motion.

Yellow shimmers through, down below, along the sensible horizon,
A dawning flame of colors is present in vividness,
A set of long purple, dappled clouds connects with the others,
A tiny stripe of peach makes the cityscape shine.

Early Evening Alight and Dark Hours in Blue

Early Evening Alight

A greyish-blue turns into a black night,
All's calm, including the lake and the light breeze,
It's the start of an early evening alight,
Clouds sparse and spread out, greyish-white and puffy.

A waterfall cascade of a burst of red,
A downpour of a splash of light yellow,
A drizzle of a shower of orange ahead,
And a drip of a sprinkle of peach too.

Dark Hours in Blue

In the start of a pre-dusk night in the skyline,
Before it turns black, it's a beautiful shade of blue,
Nebulas are visible, wispy, and clear in white puffs,
It's the makings of the dark hours in blue, so true.

Golden bright orbs of light looks better than ever now,
White dots highlights the neighborhood and visible horizon,
Specks of red, green and yellow from elsewhere is present,
Then it slowly fades to black with a better glow rising.

Autumn Sunrise and Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunrise

A crescent moon appears in the morning sky,
A jet stream streaks the yawning blue horizon,
In the background, yellow and gold sparkles from city lights,
When the blue blends with the black contrast head on.

An autumn sunrise appears in the view,
Peach stretches across to the visible horizon of the lake,
Red lights the sky in a blaze of the sun,
A duet of yellow and orange adds pizazz of fall colors.

Autumn Sunset

Thin swirls of long formations of clouds,
When the sky turns black from a cascade of blue,
A great contrast of blending colors for nightfall,
In the backdrop, city lights twinkle in yellow and white.

Fall colors streaks the atmosphere in bright vividness,
Orange fell on the cityscape outline,
Yellow shimmers in the background along the horizon,
A peach/apricot concoction of an autumn sunset is in the midst.

Tickle Your Fancy

Grab your palette of paints, a laptop, a camera or camcorder, or pen and paper. Let Mother Nature be your guide every season to display bright and light colors across the sky. Step outside your comfort zone and let a sunset or sunrise tickle your fancy every morning and night. You would never know to find where your Muse take you to amazing places.

When I wrote this set of poetry a decade ago, I was amazed on how vivid and bright the colors were in the sky. It was like watching a sunburst of colors in a pastel rainbow. From my bedroom window, I captured the moment to write everything down on what I'd seen, and what made it special for a few moments. My mother grabbed her camera and took shots from every gorgeous sunrise and amazing sunset everyday from our home.

And you can do the same thing too, to follow the sun everywhere it goes, whether at home, work, or on vacation. Let Mother Nature inspire you and provide you what can tickle your Muse's fancy everyday, if you let it happen before your eyes.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Kristen Howe

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