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More Fire in the Sky: Another Collection of Nature-Inspired Sunrise/Sunset Poetry

Kristen Howe was inspired to write these poems on watching sunsets and sunrises from her window, even from her mother's photos.

A Fiery Red Sunset Outside a Window


Red Burn and Bright Streaks

Red Burn

Before a pre-rain bluish-grey morning sky,
Up from the perview, the sun rises from the east,
No clouds in sight, before they turned grey,
Puffs of precipitation makes it way for the city.

Before a downpour, a red burn is in view,
A variety of reds are spread across the ken,
Down below, it's highlighted streaks of oranges,
The colors of the sun made its appearance.

Bright Streaks

Golden city lights illuminate the city's nightscape,
Low looming grey clouds over a prevailing storm,
A glow on the buildings and windows is fluorescent,
Bright in an array of pale pastel colors.

Streaks of pink blends into the backdrop of blue and black,
Red streams in wide elongated shades around the sky,
A hint of purple is along the way so magnificently,
A little sliver of orange is underneath of it, sheer and surreal.

Evenfall Radiation and Evening Quench

Evenfall Radiation

On a crisp navy blue sky, it slowly turns to black,
Nebulas are white, dotted and dappled with a hint of purple,
The night came alive in a blaze of colors, right on track,
A rainbow bright array of a sunburst, only at night.

It's an evenfall radiation, with the sky on fire,
Pink shoots across the skyline like stars and comets,
Orange marks the sky like serpentines on a high wire,
Reds, with a hint of yellow and peach, makes it majestic.

Evening Quench

A rich cornflower blue enriches a stormy sky,
Silent breezes from a light wind ripples a still lake,
Trees barely sway to the shoreline and then to the environs,
All to make this picture a perfect evening quench.

With a little bit of a quiet rainstorm and no thunder,
But like lightning bugs, a sliver of flashes of yellow,
It's a good complimentary color to the blue for photos,
Or even with paintings, with the nebulas hidden, grey and invisible.

This Yellow Sunrise is Over a Lake


Sunlit Shimmer and Yellow Dew

Sunlit Shimmer

Rays of bright ultraviolet light over the vista,
Warmth blankets the earth in shining colors,
White floating, puffy clouds hover over the horizon,
A little bit of an overcast shadows the calm lake.

Orange spreads across the sky in a sunlit shimmer,
Yellow gives it a zip to make it lighter,
A hint of red appeals to the rising sun in brightness,
The colors sparkle and shine like gems in a sunbathed earth.

Yellow Dew

Greyish-blue plumes, finger-like and feathery, in an azure sky,
A black contrast turn into blue at the crack at dawn,
At the shoreline to the outposts of a mountain peak high,
Pale pastel colors light up the sky, this morning.

A pretty coloring to match the sun's yellow dew,
With some hints of gold to give it a golden touch,
Underneath, orange gives it a hint of a day to be new,
With city lights in the background gives it an appeal.

Afterhours Swirls and Dusky Incandescence

Afterhours Swirl

When the blue nocturnal sky turns to black,
A purple vapor is invisible to see it and keep track,
It's an afterhours swirl in the clouds and a sunset,
This sundown is an awesome viewing to tell . . . yet.

Pink sprinkles from the lake to the ambit,
Red pours all over to combine the coloring pit,
Yellow shines across the sky, with a light trace of peach,
Orange drenches the night along with the city lights within reach.

Dusky Incandescence

A veil of black contrast covers the city landscape,
Orange is pale, and reflects on windows, before an overcast,
Yellow is light and thin with a reflection of a setting sun,
A little bit of an outline of a multitude is visible.

This dusky incandescence is something to visualize,
A strip of apricot looms above the mesa's outline,
Red is present all over the sky in evenfall,
Colors now pastel with flair in a blaze like wildfire.

Connect with Nature

As I looked back to those collection of photographs I kept in photo books and from my memory, I continued to find it fascinating that nature inspired me even more. It really brought a central focus to my poetic muse to capture the moment and let it shine like the sun itself. If you commune with nature, whether inside or outside your home, you might find a gem to visualize sunrises and sunsets from poetry and songwriting and to artistic masterpieces.

I hope this next set of eight nature-inspired poems tickled your fancy and inspired you to connect with nature. Enjoy!

© 2015 Kristen Howe

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