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Fire Up The Dream Machine

Get Ready To Ride

Clear off the cobwebs that turn into dust

You have heard the news

When things got worse instead of better

All that is the past

We are here today

To set you free

The four walls that hold you back

Are not of this world

They stop you cold in your steps

Always finding ways

Never to let you rest

Haunting you every chance they get

Old dreams turn into nightmares really quick

As you wake up in a cold sweat

You have heard it once

You have heard it a thousand times


Why you can't do anything

Why you shouldn't even try

Well I am here to tell you a whole different story

How to turn the nonbelievers into believers

Starting with you

Pull yourself together

Lift up your head

It has no place sinking between your shoulders

I can remember most vividly

Every time I have been mentally and physically hurt

The scars of time

I wear like a giant

With a huge, heavy, bright, and shiny metal badge on my chest

It weighs me down

It knocks me back

What I have been carrying around

Is a life worth of stress and anxiety

Worried still over spilled milk

Everyone else has clearly forgotten

I can't get it out of my head

Fears drive me farther

As each bad emotion eats at my stomach

Twisting my thoughts up into knots

I have told so many stories

That leaves me cold

That turns my big heart into stone

I have wiped my last tear

I have sobbed my last hurtful story

Now I have to clear my throat

Break open the bubbly

For what I have seen and been through

Is like taking a perfectly good steak

Then burning it to well done

Instead of being tender and juicy

It is tough and tasteless

I make my way forward

Beyond each cloud of confusion

To look out into a life with true purpose

One that will carry me away

Lift me quickly off my feat

I will be the one

Soaring through the air

Racing at mark speed

Writing new stories

Not recreating old stories

This time making up good endings

Outcomes I can be proud of

I can repeat over and over again

Practicing for the future

I have heard an old saying

Fake it till you make it

I use to think that was wrong

Why lie to yourself and then expect better

I also heard over the years

The definition of insanity

Is doing the same thing over and over

Then expecting a different outcome

Plagued by two notions

I must break away from what use to be

Now see what could be

If I keep holding onto the old bad habits

I might as well

Just spin my wheels over and over in the mud

Sinking in the same place I was before

I deserve better

You deserve better

My aching back will not go away in a day

Not in a few months either

Over time it will heal again

With it other parts of my body too

Things that I didn't even know were hurting

You will feel better too

Lets clear the air

So lets pretend for a minute we got our wishes granted

This is how things would of turned out different for me

I would have perfect twenty-twenty vision

Instead of 20/60 from an old dart eye injury

I would have bought the land next to my mothers house

For four hundred dollars

To expand her yard

Her wonderful neighbors would have never built their own dream house

I would of bought my mothers and dads house

Kept it the way it was

Revealing it's charm and years of hard work

Rented it to beautiful airline stewardess and pilots

So they can rest up for their next trip

Relaxing in the comforts of home

With all it's trimmings of silver and gold

The house would of never been sold three times

For triple it's value

Gutted out to the studs and fixed up modern and stylish

The new people with their dog

They couldn't be there

They would never get to experience a home of their own

My job for life

Would of been a garbage man

Going house to house

Riding the back of a truck every day

Earning more money than today

I would of never cooked for a living

Met all the people over the years

All the stories I have told

Would be erased like they never happened

I would have lived in my local neighborhood for life

Fixing up an old house that I rented for thirteen years and intended to buy

Lack of money

Held me back

All the old neighbors would of still moved away or died

It wouldn't be the same

I would of never had to learn to save, save, save

Building up my 401 k with my wife to what it is today

I would have married my first sweetheart

Who moved to Kansas

Crushing my heart

Then I would of married my second love

Who didn't like to work

So I would have been busy working two jobs to support her

Then I would have had my own successful business

Shopping for the elderly

I started long before Pea Pod food shopping services were popular

I would have made lots of money

Devoted my life to one dream

No time for writing

No time for dreaming new dreams

I would have hit on a lottery ticket with my second love

For a little over three million

She would have probably divorced me and got half

Of everything I owned

That wouldn't have been a pretty picture

I saved the best for last

What I do have is a lovely wife

Who supports me on some things that I do

Best of all

Loves me unconditionally

Listens to my writings

For better or for worse

I live in a wonderful small home in Maine

We built ourselves

With a killer view

Each day we go to work

Both earning a decent living

When we are not working

We are heating up the sheets

Wink, wink

Making life sweeter than sweet

So for each story

Truth be told

I had so many plans that didn't work out

I had to re-dream and create again

That word re-dream would never exist

So here we are now

A poem within a story

It is up to us to decide

Where we go from here

I want to eat and expand on all my greatest thoughts

Like an old paper bill binder filled

Bursting at the seams

This time all the bills are marked paid in full

With one expandable compartment left empty

To fill with new dreams and fantasies

That each day

Makes us just a little bit happier and a lot more fun to be with