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Finish My Story


Finish my story....

I wonder if I would have waited

would the ripple of my disobedience still have followed me so closely

mutilating my perspective of wrong. Only seeing my addiction to you.

My muse into every wrong decision, spewed death that felt like life,

aching for an escape to a fantasy that would take

away the ripple of my disobedience...

Finish my story of the abuse that seemed like truth

that I deserved every fist, every tear that withered my will

to appeal to your nature, because I loved but hate you.

Finish my story of hope that one day

the ripple of my disobedience will cease to punish me

from every reminder that I was the beginning of this story

that laid down any fiber of the words I was taught when I was young

to wait...

Will you please finish my story for me?

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© 2018 Leslie Robertson