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Finding Her

I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.


She bleeds for her soul,

From yesterday's grief,

Brutal were the adversaries,

For not standing tall,

No one taught her,

To ignore the tremble in her knees,

For she could not afford audacity,

As worthy was too foreign for her kind.

Mistakes were made,

As an art of accomplishment,

Foregoing a loss for gain,

A choice only she could decipher,

For a year she chained herself,

She let him trample on her,

But risk is an illusion,

For time heals grief,

She won but she lost,

But time heals wounds.

I miss her, the light in her eyes,

The energy in her voice,

The power she held,

As she went about her life,

I wonder if it all died in her,

The grace of a ladybug,

And the vision of a greyed man,

I want her back, to win her over,

How do I charm my way,

Bring her guard down,

For only I hold the key to her heart.

© 2022 Matilda Mumbua

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