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Finding a New Hobbyhorse to Ride

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Came late to the party in understanding the context

Of digging into older wounds as a test of strength

The tenacity to survive even picking at a nasty scab

After too many rounds of Neosporin baths each night

Tired of smelling like a mannequin encased in medicine

Needed to focus on positive scents that signified spring

Fresh cut flowers and reasonably priced perfumes

No longer willing to dig into harsh and too familiar territory

Closing off a tainted well before anyone else drank the water

Realized the the plight of a broken heart not uncommon at all

Everyone experienced a real emotional train wreck at least once

A lot of musicians tended to go this particular well

In creating strong and emotion filled songs for listeners

To get behind and identify with

What happens when the creative type wears out this welcome

From an all too familiar subject; when support changed

Into harsh criticism for playing the victim role

Chewing the marrow off this single bone for too long

Making sure there was no more grizzle left

Artists like Taylor Swift and now Olivia Rodrigo famous

For penning intensely emotional break-up tracks

That caused huge amounts of drama and fan speculation

Those fans needed to realize that the singer just told a story

Might or might not be their own; we'll never know for certain

Isn't our business to open up any of their wounds either

Back to the topic at hand of penning diss tracks

Especially when the relationship exit was fresh and extra bitter

Nice to have gotten the last word out

Started a broken record of sorts in vindictiveness

Needed to cut the cord before being pulled under for good

Killing the toxicity at the source before it was too late

Decided that rehashing old and tired material

Never good for the morale of the world

Trying to find a new bone to munch on in the meantime

No idea of how long that will take; willing to try though.

In search of a new hobbyhorse to ride.

In search of a new hobbyhorse to ride.

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