Finding Your Own Path as a Private Heroine

Updated on May 13, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Grew up in a world of comic books and big screen flicks

Full of strong leaders that always fought for the truth

Flawed in some ways, but strong moral compasses in the end

Complex characters that could make you laugh, cry and think

Time to examine the myths and see what was true or not

How rest of world measured up to this constructed tale

Believed that superheroes were fearless creatures

Who ran into burning buildings without hesistation

Put the lives of others ahead of their own no matter what

Starting to feel like a fraud in that department on many fronts

Shaking like a leaf just by simply getting up in the morning

Hesitant to be truthful for the thought of everyone scattering away

That you've revealed too much of your inner truths without meaning to

Unsure if you're just like everyone else or a special case

Wondered if it was normal to be afraid of everything

Scared to trust anyone after getting burned last time

Was too honest for my own good and paid the price

Heart sawed in half and unable to put back together

Returned to sender with no clear way to repair damage

Learning how to reconstruct something out of an utter mess

The restoration process has made some improvements

Revitalized structure stronger than it was before

No one will be able to break down those walls

Unless they had a sledgehammer to do the job

Staring in front of the mirror and confused by the sight in front

Is it the same person who allowed a human trojan horse

Through the front door and gave them carte blanche

Unsure if this transformation was a good thing or a bad thing

In the making as time marched on regardless of the reality

Needed to heal because there was no point to throw in the towel

If that was the case, that would've been done ages ago

This specimen might not have superpowers, but they're a survivor

Been through it all and then some; still standing regardless of the wounds

Physical and otherwise sight unseen

Doesn't need a costume or disguise to hide the truth

Just turn off the alarm clock, get dressed and go on with your day

Best form of revenge for those unworthy of truth and everything else

Stronger than the sum of the parts.
Stronger than the sum of the parts.


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