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Finding True Beauty Is a Gamble but I Used a Campers Paradise.

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Some woods, a cabin, a fire ring, a few days to kill that will allow you to think that you have died and gone to paradise.

I made an escape for just a few

days to a pristine sanctuary that

rivaled my humble home. The

drudgery of the same old, song

sung views from my property.

needed a visual revamp. And I

was growing weary

of the tediuos states of dissunion

So I booked a cabin in an isolated

location far from the status quo,

that was as quieter than a snail

slowly, slithering through a long

deserted mausoleum. There were

of course birds brightly chirping

squirrels chattering and chipmunks

dashing through the bramble but

aside from that nothing assailed

my ears as I lay in a comfy hammock

stretched between two huge maples.

The cabin had all of the amenities

as well as a hot tub to soak my

weary legs and feet from hikes I

had chosen to take. I made some

coffee in an old aluminum pot

percolating slowly over my camp

fire. You can forget all of your

cappuccinos and lattes and

kureigs, they will never rival a

cup of that steamy, flavorful

slow, fire -brewed nectar

of the God's. And it was just

as delicious reheated later that

night. I had the pleasure of

several deer visiting my site and

showing no fear.of me I sat outside

and played my guitar crafting

several new songs and the sound

quality in the deep woods was

superb. I was alone in God's

cathedral, baptized in his brief

showers and warmed by his

furnace in the sky. My dinners

were gourmet camp cuisine

There is no burger joint or

restaraunt that can ever come

close to a hamburger or hot dog

cooked over a fire. Juicy, mouth

watering and as ancient as what

the neanderthal's savored minus

the mammoth meat. There is just

something about food being

cooked outside, some mystique

that makes it taste so much

more delicious. I took a short

drive around noon the next

weather perfect day to a creek

and a lake and composed a

soon to be recorded song there.

It is called:

" My Much Needed Escape."


Perched in a

comfy chair

on a sun-baked lake

With a cool, breeze

bowing through my hair

The temp was

a perfect seventy-eight

And the sand between

my bare toes

formed a cushion

firmly caked.

With trout leaping

to catch thier lunch

the many flies they ate.

The water called me to

come on in and take a swim

that would feel great

till I spotted what

just might do me in

Two unknown water snakes

Basked on the rocks

along the shore

So a quick splash there

would have to wait

Their bites might

leave me sore

I did not want them to

add me to thier daily


and beneath the deeper

waters there might be

1OO more.

Then I took a walk around

that lake and found a

waterfall, tumbling down

Into a babbling brook

This scenic heaven had it all

So I took some time to video

the sounds the water made

Splashing over rocks

that looked like steps to

a deep pool it had laid

It was far too steep to

wade in as it rippled and

Then grew still in the shade

It was a spot that held such

beauty filling me with

calm and peace

And I knew that my brief

visit there had made my

trip complete

It was this that I was

seeking when I jumped

Into my car and headed

down the road to somewhere

that was so damned far.

from the woes of January

sixth and trumps planned


When did my precious country

head in such a wrong direction

and the latest news of shootings

kIlling seven on the fourth

and wounding 39 beneath

A rifle meant for sport.

And the rulings of a court

that had become less

then supreme,

making all right winged

decisions that would

Create one sided future scenes

of enslaving women's choices

and leaving hungry

babies scream

when women forced

to bear them can't afford

The things they need.

Will the judges find adoptees

For the endless infants born

Did they think about that issue

when their verdicts

all were formed

So I'll dally by this

babbling creek

far away from all

the present grief

and find a measure of

relief by shedding what's

beyond belief....

And I will weave a

flowered wreath

for all who've lost

their most precious lives

And lay it gently on this lake

And make a wish

for those in pain

who were wounded

From an act insane

by a man not worthy

to be named

Then I will pray the USA

will choose to make

all of those pay who

stormed the Capital that day

because votes failed

to go their way

including Trump who

launched the frey

Then cowardly

on the sidelines stayed

Let justice serve a mighty blow

and Trump the skank who

we all know...

incited followers to go

It's time that he too, pays the toll

and for all babies forced to be

born orphaned without families

Let God who rules

us from above

Urge folks to raise them

all with love

For he's the only

supreme judge

no right winged rules

can make him budge

And when each woman

takes a stand

To vote anything but


They once again will

gain their rights

But it'll be a long

and up hill fight

As for me soon I'll

be headed home

Refreshed by

all the beauty known

in quiet places

Far from grief

Perhaps you too

should seek relief

From our great country's

endless woes

Find a peaceful place

and than just go

Away from news

and twisted views

Find far more peaceful

things to do

Then go on back home

With your soul renewed.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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