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Finding The Perfect Girl

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Yenaros' mix of lyricism, detail, and style is a dangerous poetic force to be reckoned with.

Writing by Yenaros

Writing by Yenaros

Finding the Perfect Girl

Everyone wants to chase the perfect girl, but no one

Can give me a description

Of what they’re looking for.

Even a prescription gives the details of what’s inside the bottle so that you don’t end up killing yourself with the wrong substance.


Lustful intentions have come to ruin the environment.

No, not the one we live in.

That one will fail because people only fill their ears with their Dre Beats and their Airpods

Which still look stupid.


Everyone says that there is no definition for the perfect woman.

That’s because everyone’s so busy trying to look caked up that they don’t even understand what real attraction is.

It’s not just about the body, it’s about the mind.

Sure, sex feels good.

But when y’all come out into the real world and catch feelings, we pretend that

We’re Helen Keller because we don’t want to see, nor hear, about your experience.

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride and you won’t get hurt.

Amusement parks teach vital lessons like that.

The perfect woman doesn’t exist, but this is how she can be very close.

A woman that cuddles with you because she wants to be affectionate.

A woman that takes care of you when you’re sick.

A woman that cries with you, laughs with you, prays with you, stays with you.

A woman that accepts you for your flaws.

A woman that will do anything for you because she gets the same in return.

A woman that supports your dreams.

A woman that’s your cheerleader.

A woman that knows what you need when you don’t even know.

A woman that doesn’t leave when you go through rough times, she goes with you.

A woman that’s mentally tough.

A woman that always encourages you to go that extra mile.

That woman right there is perfect for anyone.

There we go, that answer was simpler than basic algebra.

You don’t just need women with the bodies of goddesses because they don’t personify what a great woman is.

Sure, they’re eye candy.

That’s cool.

Eye candy with no soul is like a bag of M&Ms with no chocolate.

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