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Finding That Place to Escape Life Where I Can Live

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Escaping Life

Escaping Life

Sometimes when I get clustered and frustrated, I just want to escape life

And find that place close to the aroma of reality

I just want to escape the news and the horns

Maybe speak to a racoon and plant corns

I just want to escape the relationships and bills

I just want to escape the unsolved police cases and the drone kills

This place I live, all these people are slaves

Programmed life style, from birth as a battery to old age and the grave.

The Television watches us and tells us what to believe

Many may live a good life, but millions suffer in grief

Sometimes I just want to escape the rules of the rich

And place my soul off grid in a place where I can live

I want to move away from the whispers of society

Where I can admire the heavens and my schedule is never busy

I want to find that place where I can concentrate on who I am

This being, this creature I was told is called a man

I just want to throw away these cards and live from the land

Eat what I grow, grow what I eat is my ultimate plan

I want to be free, I want the lakes and the rivers to be my bath

And the rocks in the waters to be my path

I don’t want to vote for deceit and lies

Because their investments are much more important than a baby’s cries.

I don’t want to see their fancy suites and their twisted mouth

I want to escape, I wish for a portal to get out.

I want solitude, I want real wisdom. Wisdom of the worlds

I want to understand the ant, I want to understand the birds

My mind needs a reboot

Reborn, emerged as a real soul knowing the truth.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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