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Finding Something I Misplaced


Sometimes For Years

When I find it

So many thoughts bump into each other all at once

I say crazy things like

That is where you were hiding

I missed you so much

I know I had it, I just didn't know where

Now I can relax

I am not losing my mind

I didn't think I threw you out

Anything is possible

The real question I ask myself

Why did I lose you in the beginning?

My first response is....

I get so busy and life gets in the way

Lets look deeper

Am I trying to accomplish the extraordinary?

Things that most people don't even try to do

We all have certain things we are responsible for

Going to work

Keeping healthy

Taking care of our home

Making sure we keep our family happy and filled with love

Without that work and home are not enough

If our health fails

We can no longer do what is expected of us

What about deeper feelings and thoughts

Being successful

To me that means whatever I do

I meet a certain standard of excellence

So it is not in one area of my life

From the smallest task to the biggest job

I feel a great since of pride and satisfaction

Then there is the uncertain future

We don't know what tomorrow will bring

I do know if I do my best today

I don't spend much time in worrying about tomorrow

I am too busy

Focusing on the moment

When that day comes

I am here and ready to deal with it

With a healthy and positive attitude

Looking back at all the little things that made this day possible

I have a better chance of doing it right

The odds are in my favor

So as I apply what I have learned

The hard lessons that didn't come easy

The good things that I love so much

All the great feelings connected to each thought

I shoot for the stars

I am in the clouds often

Sometimes it is hard to see

On a clear day, I can see for miles

The view is breathtaking

I am in awe

When most people are still on the ground

Clowning around and jump up and down

I am soaring high

Sometimes floating by

We each have our own path to take

My way I can see a big picture

One road doesn't take us home

They all have their own journey

In the end, they all lead home


DREAM ON (author) on July 07, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I have always been this way. So it is not something that has changed. I get so involved in what I am doing that I see nothing else. The same thing happens when I write All I care about is one thought. Then that thought leads to another. Then the thoughts come automatically after that. In that process I don't think of anything else. Then later I get busy with all the outside influences and soon that writing becomes a thing of the past. I am constantly trying to draw the line in the sand. The water usually washes it away. Maybe that is a good thing. When is the wisdom tooth getting removed? Good luck and is this the first tooth you ever had pulled? Soon you will be as good as new. With one less tooth of course. Thank you for taking the time and energy to read and write comments. Have great dreams.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 07, 2021:

Dream on

I lose stuff constantly.

I was just looking the other day for a referral letter to give yo a surgeon about a wisdom tooth...needless to say I didn't find it when I needed too. .it was the next couple of days whrn I came across it.

I'm eithet getting scattered brained or just not paying attention.

Maybe I got too many things going on...

In any case ...you sre right.

Life is great.

DREAM ON (author) on July 07, 2021:

Chitrangada Sharan You make such wonderful points. All the things I lost are not as important as love. Add in some good family relationships with lots of friends and there you have it. A life of happiness. You can sleep every night with a beautiful peace of mind. I loved your comment so much I didn't want it to end. The best thing about friends is they show you things you forget or just didn't see. Thank you for reading and sharing. Five days drifted by and it felt like one hour. I never know where the time goes? I am happy to spend what little or a long time I have left in caring and feeling the greatest joys in the world. Creativity, honesty, giving, sharing, and always trying to stay positive. What a wonderful world we live in because people like you brighten every day. Thank you and have a good night.

DREAM ON (author) on July 07, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I raise you one referral with a shopping list and the warranty on the car tires we bought three years ago. I have no idea. When in doubt I have to punt. Start again. I am sure I won't lose anything ever again. I have to show confidence and willpower. If you believe it it has to be true. Has anyone seen my car keys? I left them with my wallet. Has anyone seen my wallet? Maybe life won't change overnight. Some small changes first. The big changes later. Has anyone seen my wife? Have a great day. Five days ago you left a comment that made me laugh, I found it again and off to the printing press. Finally, here for all to see.

DREAM ON (author) on July 07, 2021:

Marlene Bertrand I think we all need a personal assistant. Problem solved. Now we know that is not going to happen so I am back looking for my last writing. I know I wrote it on a pad of paper. Where did I put the pad down? I took it with me in the car just in case I wanted to write more. I checked, it is not there. Did I bring it back to the house? Maybe, I never put it in the car? I went to get the mail. I watered the flowers. Did I leave it on the deck? I checked not on the deck. Maybe, it dropped out of the car when I was putting the groceries in. I went to the grocery store and looked where I parked the car. If it fell maybe someone picked it up. If they brought it to the courtesy desk? So I went into the store and checked. Nobody has seen anything. I looked all over. I ran out of choices. It is gone. Things happen. Nothing I can do now. I go home and see my wife. The first thing she says to me is I seen your writings in the car when I went out earlier so I brought it in the house so you wouldn't lose them. I gave her a big hug. I love you, honey. That was what my days were like before you could put everything on the computer. So today is a lot easier. Unless the computer crashes then all is lost. Unless you have a backup. I have lost writings that way too. The times are changing and there are so many ways that are faster today. Somehow there are more things to do so there the extra time is lost. Back to the drawing board. Six days ago you left this nice comment. I am happy to say it is still here. Thank you for reading and caring. Maybe we need a bigger place and then we can have one room just for the lost and found. (lol) Have a great night.

DREAM ON (author) on July 07, 2021:

Prashasti B You can always tell me your own personal experiences. They add to the wonder and joy. I misplace writings all the time. I begin one poem and start another. Life isn't always a race to the finish. It is a dabble here or there making each step more fascinating than the next. I really appreciate your awesome comment. I was so pleased with your thoughts. I was thrilled and didn't want it to go to my head. Too late. I have been dancing around and had to celebrate. Two weeks later I have finally come back down to earth. I write a lot of things and many are questionable. Thank you for sharing and enjoying. I hope your day tops my last fourteen days. Some days we are down in the dumps and it is really hard to make it work. So when things go right we can appreciate fully how nice it is. Thanks again and sweet dreams.

DREAM ON (author) on July 02, 2021:

Mark Tulin If we get tired of looking there is a good chance we might be able to find it on eBay.(lol)The search is on. What I have noticed is that no matter where we are from, we have some of the same issues and problems. Life may be able to be broken down into smaller pieces to be examined and appreciated. If we take the extra step and spend the time necessary to bring out the worst and the best in our lives. Instead, of just rolling along like a wheel on the highway. We can help other people but more importantly, other people can help us live a better of life. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read and share your thoughts. May today bring on new joys and excitement.

DREAM ON (author) on July 02, 2021:

John Hansen I would misplace my own body if it was at all possible. You are filled with so much energy I feel it every time. My mind wanders and my happiness keeps driving me wild. I often do loops around my thoughts trying to chase out the greatest of them all. Other people are off in a different direction. I watch them go. I walk sometimes slow. Then I pick up the pace and begin to race. My heart beats and my palms sweat. A new thought drops into my lap. I am compelled to follow it to where it might lead. As one thought crosses another. I am torn between the two. thoughts. Another day begins. each time trying different things. So happy what with my life and the people in my close circle. Even though the outside world is having difficulties. All things have a way of working out. Thank you for reading and sharing. It is always nice to hear other peoples thoughts and ideas. My wife sometimes thinks I go too deep. For me, I am not deep enough. I am just scratching the surface. I want to keep writing and practicing. We never know our true potential. One way of finding out is to explore and investigate all of our options. Have a great day.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on July 02, 2021:

Nice and insightful poem.

It’s easier to find things, if they are misplaced. How difficult it is to find, love, relationships, happiness, peace of mind and so on. I just wish that, no one misplaces these.

Thank you for sharing this well expressed poem.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 01, 2021:

Haha...you sound so much like me.

Just today I lost a referral from a dentist to get a wisdom tooth removed.

It means surgery, so msybe that's why my mind has hidden it's where abouts.

I still haven't found it, but I'll look again tomorrow.

And yes...I do seem to have my head in the clouds alot

Marlene Bertrand from USA on June 30, 2021:

Busy, busy, busy! Searching for this, searching for that, all the while, trying to live a guided life. What a day! I tend to find things in the last place I look! :)

Prashasti B from India on June 22, 2021:

Wow, totally mesmerized by this piece of writing. :)

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on June 21, 2021:

Yep, it will be found eventually.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on June 21, 2021:

I am often misplacing things, Dream On, but I can never relax until I find whatever it is. But we do need to get our priorities right and concentrate on what is important in life. Nice work on this poem.

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