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Finding Something I Misplaced

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Sometimes For Years

When I find it

So many thoughts bump into each other all at once

I say crazy things like

That is where you were hiding

I missed you so much

I know I had it, I just didn't know where

Now I can relax

I am not losing my mind

I didn't think I threw you out

Anything is possible

The real question I ask myself

Why did I lose you in the beginning?

My first response is....

I get so busy and life gets in the way

Lets look deeper

Am I trying to accomplish the extraordinary?

Things that most people don't even try to do

We all have certain things we are responsible for

Going to work

Keeping healthy

Taking care of our home

Making sure we keep our family happy and filled with love

Without that work and home are not enough

If our health fails

We can no longer do what is expected of us

What about deeper feelings and thoughts

Being successful

To me that means whatever I do

I meet a certain standard of excellence

So it is not in one area of my life

From the smallest task to the biggest job

I feel a great since of pride and satisfaction

Then there is the uncertain future

We don't know what tomorrow will bring

I do know if I do my best today

I don't spend much time in worrying about tomorrow

I am too busy

Focusing on the moment

When that day comes

I am here and ready to deal with it

With a healthy and positive attitude

Looking back at all the little things that made this day possible

I have a better chance of doing it right

The odds are in my favor

So as I apply what I have learned

The hard lessons that didn't come easy

The good things that I love so much

All the great feelings connected to each thought

I shoot for the stars

I am in the clouds often

Sometimes it is hard to see

On a clear day, I can see for miles

The view is breathtaking

I am in awe

When most people are still on the ground

Clowning around and jump up and down

I am soaring high

Sometimes floating by

We each have our own path to take

My way I can see a big picture

One road doesn't take us home

They all have their own journey

In the end, they all lead home

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