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Finding Poetry


Poetry therapy

I started writing poetry as a therapeutic art

to understand my feelings and to help my life restart.

I didn’t write my poetry about unrequited love

or of nature’s beauty, and the blue skies up above.

It was all about the emotional pain and the hurt I kept inside

to see them down on paper for answers to provide.

Some were like a cry for help, and sometimes were quite dark

they helped for me to clear my head, when reality was stark.

In my early days of writing, I struggled for some time

I found it hard to find the words, to help me make it rhythm.

I bought a thesaurus, for the vocabulary I lack

The name it sounds like something that was in Jurassic park.

I started to enjoy it and strived to learn more

I began to write in different styles and my confidence would soar.

The feeling of achievement when everyone is finished

gives me so much pleasure, and never gets diminished.

I am glad I found this platform to build up my self-worth

Now I’ve caught the writing bug and just can’t get enough

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