Finding Our "New"

Updated on February 20, 2018

I wrote this for my closest friend when she lost her younger brother unexpectedly, in 2017. Having lost my father in a very similar manner back in 2010, I understand what she is going through to some extent. I wanted her to know that she is not alone and that what she’s feeling is normal, though it is rarely talked about. I also wanted to give her a little bit of hope and light, during a very dark time.

People lead you to believe that death is like a breakup: you struggle with it for a year or so, and then the grief lifts and you move on. I don’t know why the truth is rarely discussed, but i am always very frank about my loss and my grief, and the fact that it never really goes away.

Death, it takes our breath away.

It rocks our very soul.

It changes us and from that day,

We forfeit being whole.

But through the pain we find our “New”;

Our essence rearranged.

We trade our tears for different views.

It's not a fair exchange.

With any luck, it softens us;

Makes our hearts more kind.

We know that they are watching us

And want to ease their minds.

Now we live and love for them.

It's something we must do.

It takes some time to breath again

But we will find our “New”.

We sob and scream, we cry and rage

'Til tattered souls are raw.

Eventually we turn the page;

Find strength from which to draw.

The road is long and cruel and dark.

Our world is torn apart.

One day we wake to find our “New” -

It's white and bare and stark.

We slowly will rebuild that “New”

With pieces of our heart.

© 2018 Angela Tagliamonte


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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 8 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Your words are so true how we have to face our fears and know what will be ahead of us

    • AngelaTagliamonte profile image

      Angela Tagliamonte 8 weeks ago from Florida

      It certainly does. I have found that, contrary to what I once believed, suffering a great loss often brings out very positive changes in us. Your compliment is very much appreciated.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 8 weeks ago from Australia

      The confrontation of death gives us much reflection.

      Brave you. Brave poem.