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Finding Meaning In Artistic Chaos, Told By Yours Truly

Emee.chan is a chaotic girl, finding comfort and meaning in written words.


The Writings Of A Chaotic Girl

These are the writings of a chaotic girl
Living in her own magical world
Where words just come naturally,
The Muses whispering to her softly.

She writes her lines alone,
Trying to atone for
All the times important words
Got stuck in her throat.

Her feelings flow,
Her heart's a window,
Allowing Inspiration to freely observe
The outside world.

These are the writings of a girl
Who's as fragile as she's strong.
She uses her talent
To heal.

Healing herself, she also heals
All those who can find
Comfort in her words
If they so choose.

So come join this chaotic girl,
Join her on this poetic journey,
Discovering what power the
Art of weaving words is holding.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković