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The Art Of Finding Joy

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started sharing poetry articles back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


Finding Joy

When a person smiles due to joy their face muscles file the muscle memory away. As we age we open these old files whose contents translate into wrinkles.

Joy wrinkles are recognized by a majority of people and bring people close. Relationships are formed when a joyful smile reveals these prized indents and laughter and stories follow.

These filed memories are deep and cover our lives from birth. Assessing our joy reveals from small moments to pure bliss.

We all smile when we think of our first love, our first kiss, and when we find someone who understands.


Parental Joy

Birth, our first joyous laugh, brings the opportunity to experience a lifetime of smiles. Our files are stock full of our parents love, our first lost tooth, and making the team for the first time.

Life With Sam

My son Samuel

nineteen months old:
An old house, near downtown, with a small yard.
One weekend when properly sun blocked,
we journeyed out into our yard. The sun
glared straight down on us, we walked together
down our concrete back steps. Through summer heat
Sam ran out into open area
by an old unused garden.

We spent all day in the sun.
Filtered, grabbed, and moved dirt.

My boy holds a master
key to small secrets I was blind
to my whole life. Last night I carried Sam
at Farmers Market

where I held him tight
on my shoulders

while we purchased fruit
and vegetables. He enjoys free samples.
He enjoys everything as new.
He would never respond to anything
with sarcasm or bitterness. He
enjoys life for what it is worth. I
want to love life for what it is worth.
I want to relearn.
I want to dance, laugh, and play.
If I make a mistake, he smiles at me
like he is telling me it is okay.

We really do have our lifetimes
to keep trying.

He strengthens my faith.
Believing that one day everything will
work out well. That maybe even within
the next few short minutes

things will be where
they need to be

and all of us happy.

Then all of us can dance a little jig.
Smile a true and authentic smile.

Jamie Lee Hamann (2009)


Ecstatic Joy

Ecstatic religious joy from when the Sunday morning sun shone through the stain glass depiction of Mother Mary and seemed to shine on only you.

From Jesus Sang With the BRC Choir

there you stood, Jesus, stood in the white of the choir,
laughed with loves joy, pointed with a genuine smile
at our children who had begun to play in this dust.

You shared your love with the singers on the right, left,
while a conductor, whose white baton fell downward,
receded desert silence, pushed many tangled human voices
to combine with holy into such sounds of purity
that each heart was lifted with enlightened tongue.

We needed this Ole Desert Spiritual to revive us,
to rise to this Mass at the end of all time,
as a dragonfly circled around sermons song,
up through this acoustic dome of shrouded light,
around the song filled heart of Jesus and into
heat and love, into their hands, children of playa.

Jamie Lee Hamann


Joy in Art

Deep smiles bring dimples when finger painting or hand stretching canvas for Gesso. Hopefully bright colors at the tip of the children’s fingers and the tip of tender adult brushstrokes.

Ode To My Joy

O to have a song of joy of my own
O to the joy of a blessed life
O to the joy of being alive, compassionate, full of love
to sing a song of joy on joy
to know there is much to this song

To know that God's behind our joy
To have seen many altars of God
O to the joy of religious ecstasy
O to the joy of knowing it is there

To have been able to know
What it is like to raise a family
To be blessed by children's love
To know the joy of selfless giving

O to the joy of being able to dance,

To shout, to scream, sound my voice
O to the joy of failing many times
O to the joy of redemption and glory

O to the joy of owning my own property

knowing the joy of ownership, a feeling of security.

O to the joy of knowing many woods
Many mountains, many walks
O to the joy of seeing natural wonders,
Glaciers, the vastness of some valleys

O to the joy of mountain air

O to the joy of once being close to death
of accepting it's existence
being at peace with such realities
O to the joy of being resurrected
to be brought back to life
to move past life's rejections

O to the joy of having a wife
O this joy of knowing a woman for so long
O to the joy of loving the woman you love
to the experience of the birth of children
to the experience of witnessing motherly love

O to the joy of finding ones passions
of searching for our interests
O to the joy of living these passions
to write poetry, to think about the line

Here is this song filled with joy
to know the joy of a well balanced chorus
a symphony where the strings take the lead

so many of us need to share joy

Jamie Lee Hamann (2011)

© 2020 Jamie Lee Hamann

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