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"Finding"- Ishita Bose


Stranded on a island with only oceans surrounding me,

My face smothered with dirt,

Is this all a dream?

I look around trying to find someone but as unfortunate as I,

I find none but the gentle breeze grazing my face.

As I almost gave in to my fate,

I heard rustling amidst the leaves,

I turned my head around to see,

All I saw was a dark figure and a pair of eyes staring at me.

I got up on my knees to get a better look,

But seeing me it took a run,

Confused, nevertheless ran behind it,

It was as if we had participated in an imaginary race.


My eyes searched for it,

But it was of no luck,

Running aimlessly behind the figure I tripped and fell over and over again,

Thought of giving up but it showed up with delusion in its eyes time and again.

Traversing a long distance I finally spot it,

It is climbing the mountain; it shoots me a glance and resumes climbing with constant fervour,

I take a deep sigh and finally it all makes sense,

I will now climb up this mountain not for it but for myself.


Trekking through the cluster of rocks,

And dealing with hypoxia and walking against gravity,

I knew deep down that being called delusional is something I’d not accept,

I give in all my passion, all my strength.

And, finally I reach the peak,

Beholding in front of me a sight which was possible only in one’s dream,

I look around me to find it,

But all I see is a black figure with two sparkling eyes holding immense hope.

And, how foolish I was to thinking I was chasing a person,

It was nothing but my shadow,

My shadow who gave me hope, to emerge and become powerful again,

So I raise my arms and let the cool breeze embrace my body; I know now that nobody but me, myself am my saviour.

Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose