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Lenten Season During Pandemic: Faith, Forgiveness, and Peace.

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Finding Forgiveness and Peace.

by: Gianella Labrador

Summer is here again.

Some nights are still cold.

There are some visible stars.

Moon would show up sometimes.

Sun is brighter than moon lately.

Thankful for less rainfalls,

but craving to see the waterfall.

It's refreshing when you get there.

The birds, trees, wind, in harmony.

Luxurious for those capable.

Imagination is key, when you can't.

Think about hot and dry season.

Nights can be hot and steamy.

When you are paying bills.

What does make it cold?

You may wonder.

Being alone and over thinking, may be.

Your heart craving for warmth, and nurture can also be.

Piled up emotions and thoughts locked up within probably.

Practically, being cold to oneself.

When damage is huge,

We get mad and have resentment.

We get overwhelmed by mistakes.

We are blinded by shortcomings,

Things that weren't fulfilled properly.

We allow anger to interfere.

"Less communication,

more misunderstanding."

When we get hurt,

We tend to talk less.

We keep quiet to think better.

We can't compromise by shouting.

Raising our voices,

Trying to hear one another.

There's just that doubt though:

By raising your voice,

"you want to be heard and understood.

Not necessarily, listening to the other."

The words can go loud as it can,

Even when you get hoarse by trying hard.

You might still not understand each other.

Analyze the factors, see bigger picture.

It's not just the words trying to reach you matters.

There's more to it and beyond.

That is, only if you got time to care.

Mending a broken heart and soul.

It's not easy, even surgeons can't.

Going low to say 'sorry',

even doing so countless of times,

When your actions remains the same,

Your attitude towards the attempt of reconciling,

It'll just be meaningless.

Specially if you are doing it half baked.

Without sincerity, empathy, and seriousness.

It'll take time to heal everything.

It'll take time to fully forgive someone.

It'll take time to understand and weigh things out.

For sure, one can't withstand holding grudge forever.

We can try to forgive ourselves first.

Soon, we'll have that courage to forgive others as well.

If we ever ran out of time,

Let's just leave it up to Him.

He'll take care of the rest.

We don't have to be harsh on ourselves.

The society are doing it for us,

no need to do the same.

Let them do the work of being harsh and so much hate.

In return, love yourself triple times the effort.

Take care of yourself as much as they want to destroy you.

Finding Forgiveness.

It's easy to say but hard to do.

You can forgive but the scar is there.

You'll be reminded of the mistakes.

It will hurt you couple of times.

There will still be circumstances,

You'll still get affected.

But, you can't run away forever.

One day, you'll have to face it.

Even if it means crying a lot,

and to tremble in fear.

Or may be not.

Instead of dwelling to something impossible,

Making it up to you could mean doing something new.

Like when dead skin peels off,

it becomes smoother and healthier.

Only if you take good care of it.

Adding layer of wounds will just deepen the scar.

It means stop scratching it like expecting win from lottery.

You'll just end up hurting one another.

That is not the right way to treat a wound.

If the past is way too painful,

You don't have to dig it up.

Cover it with wonderful things to forget and move on.

Pile up new memories so you'll never be reminded of what happened.

Find your peace and happiness in the present.

As you strive to make your present better,

Day will come, you can be free from all the pain and negativity.

All you'll ever see are endless blessings and happiness.

If you can't love and trust others yet,

Learn to love yourself at least.

Pray that forgiveness and peace will come to those who sinned.

It'll take time to heal and be open again just like the world today.

Everyone is trying to understand.

To be understood. To forgive.

To be forgiven. To comprehend.

To communicate. To compromise.

To be right and just for every one.

But we are just humans.

We get hurt and would hurt others.

Even so, even the ruthless human alive together with every one,

We all hope for the world to get better.

If you can't find peace and can't find a way to deal with what's troubling you,

If you are at lost of who to talk to as you can't bring yourself to trust anyone,

If no one is available for you to be with when you need someone the most,

If you find yourself drowning in sadness, anxiety, and stressful thoughts pounding your head,

When it feels like you are being choked by what you are feeling and needed a breather,

Although you can't see Him,

Although you can't hug Him tight for comfort,

Although you can't have late night drinks with him and get drunk as you wish,

Praying and talking to Him will always help you get through.

He listens like a father, a best friend, a brother, that you can depend on ALWAYS 24/7.

You might not be able to hear His answers directly,

For he answer in a way you'll be mesmerized by how he handle things,

but the best way for you to understand as well.

Some answers come in series or by batch just like online deliveries.

Even some questions deep with in you can't bring yourself to ask in words,

He knows and He is working on it.

He is the only one we can trust and love if we can't do so to others.

With all the killings, incompetencies, disasters, eruptions,

fire incidents, surge of virus cases at High, all the hate and blame,

What else could we do,

if not to strengthen our Faith as well as being responsible of course.

There is still hope and better things will happen.

Stay healthy so that you won't spread infection to your family and to people you get contact with.

Soon, we'll have the luxury to go and see the beauty of the sea.

Soon, we'll have the luxury to travel and appreciate the aerial view of the world.

Soon, we'll have the luxury to try various dishes from various cuisines.

Without having so much restrictions,

Without having to worry getting sick in between travels,

Just purely being able to enjoy the moments to be shared.

Let us do our part so not only us adults can live the best of our lives,

Children are also longing to enjoy the most of their childhood and not being locked up at home.

Some children in the streets,

they still can't help but to play with friends in the neighborhood.

With the virus scare, one of them playing around may be infected.

Let's make sacrifices so we could enjoy the benefits in the long run.

It's better to be bonded hearing each and everyone laugh and alive.

Rather being bonded as a family in a relative's funeral.

Be cautious and try not to be reckless with your selfish actions and desires.

Lastly, may we all find peace, love, and forgiveness through Him.


© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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