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Finding Faith Through a Pandemic: A Poem of Courage and Determination

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Keeping an Eye Open to What is Hard to See

There is not one person in this world today that is not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been death on every corner of the globe and in between. America has seen tremendous devastation with this mystery illness, and it continues even though vaccines have started to be distributed. Most of us will not be able to stand in line for one until late spring or early summer. We find ourselves still in a fight to keep our faith.

I decided that I needed to find my own way to cope. Therefore, I wrote a poem. I'm quite nervous as I have not written a word of poetry in over a year. However, it has been my way to keep my strength in the past, and I needed the process to help me today.


Modern-Day Warfare

A scary wind. Try not to

Breathe it in.

Measure your thoughts.

Do not get lost.

Seek answers that only

come within.

Remind yourself that

the universe will win.

And so, it will…within us

tremendous courage.

And so, it will…within us

renowned defiance.

With a third eye that can

see a truth…

Beyond all the deaths of

an uncertain tomorrow.

After all, it runs deeper than

That -- the sorrow.

Unfair may be all we can see

when so many have pre-deceased.

But do not give in to the


Go forward and find your


A river of sick has tried to

drown this world before.

We have not been strangers

to a universal war.

And so, it will…be a fight to


And so, it will…make us

exhausted and weak.

And so, it will…

And so, it will…

Until it will not...

To all the essential workers - Thank you. To all the families who have lost loved ones - God Be With You. To Everyone Else - Do your part; wear a mask

© 2020 Missy Smith

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