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Find your strengths

I am a psychologist from Pakistan. l am a thinker, observer, avid reader, writer, and past-time story-maker.


Find your strengths

So find your strengths,

There are people to point out flaws

If you have already taken a step, keep it forward

There are people to pull back

If you have dreamed, then look up

There are people to humiliate

A spark of madness ignited inside him

There are people to burn

If you want to make, make memories

There are people to make things up

If you want to love, do it yourself

There are people to make enemies

If you want to live, be a child

There are people to make sense

If you want to have confidence, keep it to yourself

There are people to be thankful for

So just fix yourself

There are people to show the mirror

Create a separate identity

There are people to walk in the crowd


I am afraid

When did I say that fear comes from the scenery

I am afraid of the moon and stars

I am not afraid of any attack from the enemy

I am afraid of my friends

Autumn oppression I can stopped on the chest

I am afraid of sad springs

Got so much grief from friends

My body is afraid of supports

I stay away from differences

I'm scared of relationship caves

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