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Finally Finding A Healthy Outlet For Pent Up Emotions After Years Of Searching

Emee.chan deals with her emotions by writing about them and even manages to understand them better while reading what she wrote.


Writing You Out

I'm going to write you out,
Put words to my emotions 'til I run out.
I'm going to keep writing,
'Cause writing about you is so satisfying.

I enjoy putting you through a poem or two
For exploring purposes.
By testing my artistic boundaries
I learn how to deal with you.

Maybe I coudn't speak about
My turbulent emotions that I once had for you.
This is the easier way,
A simple word play.

It took me some time
To be able to go through with this
Without feeling my heart tightening.
I broke the chains of genuine confusion and hurt.

Now I'm feeling free at last,
Nothing bounds me anymore.
My words saved me,
My will unchained me.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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