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Rhythmic Poem: Filipino Resiliency Amidst Pandemic


Myriad of battles we've fought firmly,
Overbearing catastrophe with goodness and resiliency,
Filipinos have overthrown tests of time,
Like diamond in a sumptuous jewelry we're unique and fine.

Gold and power is ephemeral, so does COVID-19,
Remember our first heartbreak when we were sixteen?
Upsetting yet we've endured the pain,
Like how feeling won't last eternity, present struggles are also temporary.

Pandemic is a zilch but an epiphanic instrument,
For us brethren, to value life before it slide on our hands,
We are no mundane creature, we ought to survive and inspire,
So lift up each other's downfall, together we will rise.

We should live in intuition that someday,
Somewhere in instant after today,
We will again photograph lucently,
Each other's visage drawn with ineffable felicity.

With silver lining and smiles, let's tighten our grip,
For, rainbow on our pretty skies is coming ahead,
Let us not be assailed by anxiety and fear,
Unyielding Filipinos, we're on this together.

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