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Fighting for the True Meaning of "Love"

What I see as true in my heart

What I see as true in my heart

Let's be honest here,

can we really say we've truly loved our past relationships?

I've bit the bullet many times In the past. What can I say,

I am truly a hopeless romantic

I've always felt the need to love others, to show them,

the love they truly deserve.

I see the good in those individuals I come across;

even the ones who have broken my heart in the past.

All my life, I've dreamt of that moment I would find my prince,

searching for that fairy tale love, I would see in Disney Movies;

then realizing years later that it would be a myth.

There is no such thing as "Perfect Love",

we are flawed, broken, and beautiful in our own ways.

What is real has nothing to do with a fairy tale story;

the truth is, there will be bad days,

days when we fall apart and need our loved ones the most,

I do believe in the power of love,

for it is something that can't be described or even fabricated;

it is what we strive for; not just to find the right one.

In reality, there is no such thing as "The Right One".