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Fighting Myself


Staying up at night writing,

trying to get rid of my feelings' fight.

Staring up at the ceiling,

trying to know what I am actually feeling.

Feelings inside me are always in a fight,

it ends me up with not knowing what to write.

Heart feels so fragile.

Mind feels so invincible.

I just can't deal with that battle.

What I know is that a person can be lost in one place,

But what a miracle to be lost in two places at once..

Feeling torn up,

part of me is fighting in a place

and the other part is fighting in another place.

Lost in my mind.

Lost in my heart.

Fighting my thoughts.

Fighting my feelings.

All of this is taking place in a person

who's just staring at the ceiling.


I'm about to lose myself.


I just can't help myself by myself...

© 2020 Niajuol Alisruon

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