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Allow the Beats to Repeat

The Journey Of A Nobody To A Worthy

The Journey Of A Nobody To A Worthy

Allow The Beats To Repeat

You may be wounded by the one for whom your heart beats,

But still get up and stand on your feet.

You may be shattered into pieces,

But do not cease.

Continue to fight,

Never lose your faith and might.

Things would go against your favour,

But do not lose your valour.

You would be pulled back by the tide.

But still continue to walk with faith and pride.

Only after you face the dark,

A new beautiful day is embarked.

The powerful flames you would have to confront.

In it, many times you would be burnt.

But do not turn back and be afraid.

Coz soon a diamond is going to be made.

By being in between a million thorns,

A beautiful rose is born.

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