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Fight for Your Right

Hello you beautiful people! I am an avid reader and I loves to write poetry and short stories for my own sanity and amusement.


Fight For Your Right

Running from the world

stumbling through the path,

clearing the dust from my knee

Again I stand and walk.

I stride ahead with a hope of getting through darks

I have seen light at the far end of the tunnel

with it's dazzling illumination

to only meet my aspiration.

I hope of being seen to the world, and to my loved ones

I hope of becoming someone,

Not with great creed but with great deed.

A person with humanity and morality

And a soul full of redemption.

Away from the cries of devils

A sound that can haunt me at nights

but I remember the aura of light, the enlightened one

where I have to reach, fighting from adversities

and I only hope of this

till I reach my destination.

© 2021 Richali Gartia