Fifth Element Telepathic

Updated on October 28, 2017

it is the fifth element
riding sound waves
or is it thought waves
dread from the grave
seeing the light again
some places unknown do i trust
that the valley walks in light of touch
seeing deeper than the realms of moving faster fingers than a harboring cold anrtic sheaf
light dances upon merry tunes and notes
floating a signature along
the roads and tides
that sing its waves and praise
tot the hallows and grave
sing again
tenth of the first
rehearsed like what was done
under the son
millions of ones
sums all mean
that average is a team
of ordinary folk

lyrics from revelation
even David
Sing's song of songs
and Solomon the wise
Like Aaron for Moses
Bushes and frozen
Like no feet on the shower floor
peace and respect evermore

fanciful the merry
the tune of berries
lush overgrown wishes sample
divinely ample
with the perfume of a rose
death tuxedo noise
like waves sounding in the grave of nothing to be
everything eventually
will come me to thee and you will see
that living in order is harmony
and harmony is the universal key

simple notes dance upon the light things we think of gravity
when oxygen and acid is a chemical change
light is radiation from pain
the brighter you glow
the deeper the sorrow
a feminine femeale fatale
worked in the prison of mind
a trap kind
like all is this known
nothing is shown
underhand it glows
so see the clear eye sight
of what is is right
and understand
that system in
system out
is without a doubt of all the things that naturally amount
to mean this thing to me
please bless me
all masters
all the things living and dead
to end of eternity
the raven cries
nobody dies
we live eternal lives
from the school of knock hard
to experience just tards
law hits and revokes

stand tall
like a mountain
or fall
like the gods call.

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    © 2017 I am my Own Master


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