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Poem 25 : Fifteen Minutes Rule of Waiting

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Fifteen Minutes Rule of Waiting


Patience is key, people say.

But having to wait every time is frustrating.

Waiting means other agendas will be on hold.

Sometimes you just can’t do anything.

Like a man who can’t be moved.


Life is filled with Waiting Games.

There will always be an instance where you have to wait.

If you value your time, you wouldn’t wanna waste even a minute of it.

Waiting for thirty minutes can be long and a waste of time.

If you’ll be on standby and couldn’t make the most of your time.

But if you do really value your time,

There’s a lot of things you can do while things makes you wait.


Fifteen Minutes.

Start by counting fifteen minutes on the clock if you have to wait for an hour.

Do something else you’d like to do to divert your attention.

For fifteen minutes, maybe there’s something you can do to have some little fun.

Otherwise, do some breathing exercises especially if you’re the type who gets anxious.

For fifteen minutes, think of happy thoughts as you breathe in and breathe out.

But of course, be aware of your belongings.

If fifteen minutes is still long for you, try cutting it down to five minutes.

There’s a lot you can do for five minutes while waiting.

If you can do some other agendas, why not?

Make the most out of your time.

Enjoy every moment of the waiting game.

It can be frustrating if you choose to feel it.

It can also be enjoyable and memorable, if that’s how you want it to be.

Happiness is a choice.


Waiting sometimes can be scary.

It makes us feel anxious sometimes.

Like waiting for medical results,

Academic examination, job interview screening, etc.

Or maybe waiting to be called.

Fidgetting while waiting is a sign of being restless and anxious of what’s gonna happen.

It can’t be help, there’ll be times we really get nervous as the time ticks.


There’ll be times we’d hope for the time to slow down, and sometimes to move fast.

When time seems to pass so slow, we get bored and frustrated of how slow it goes.

We keep checking for the time and we just get bothered by it.

But time comes when we are enjoying and doing a lot of things,

When we no longer have time to check how much time have passed,

Sometimes time passed by so fast that we’d wish we have more time as it’s not yet enough.

We’ve got a lot of things to do, sometimes we also have to rush things so they make it in time.

That’s the logic.

One hour is not sufficient for those who are busy doing a lot of things.

One hour is short for those who are enjoying and having the time of their lives.

One hour is not enough if you still got lots of stories to tell to your friends.

One hour can pass by so quickly if you’re not paying attention to how much time is left.

Patience to wait means endurance and composing yourself to stay calm and relaxed.

There are just some stuffs in life where you really have to commit a time for it.

If you’ve got no time for it but you’ve got to do it no matter what,

What will happen then if you won’t make time for it?

You can’t blame other people for making you wait for a long time.

You choose to be there, you’ve got to face whatever it takes.

If you have other options, why not? Choose the option that will save you time.

If you’ve got no other options, and it’s no big deal waiting for a couple of hours

Then it’s all good and settled right?


I used to hate having to wait for everything.

“Hold on for a second.”

“Wait a moment please.”

“Just a minute.”

“I’ll be right back.”

Seconds, minute, moments, can turn to hours of waiting.

It’s frustrating if they leave you hanging, no clue of how long do you have to wait.

You don’t know how long you have to wait for them and they don’t also tell you the reason.

They leave you asking you to wait for them without even saying what they’ll do.

It’s frustrating because you’ve got no choice but to wait where they left you at.

Not knowing where they’d go, not knowing how long you have to wait.

There are people even who would really go and leave you when you need them most.

Like for example, at the airport check in baggage counter.

A family member is holding all important documents and papers needed for the flight.

She/he goes and tell you she/he is going to the restroom bringing all those documents.

Passports, tickets, visas, everything.

Next thing you know,

An hour has passed that family member hasn’t come back yet from the restroom.

Only to find out, they went somewhere else and take their time.

While those waiting for them, are anxious and worried.

It’s frustrating to wait if you really have no control of the situation.

Lesson here is, never let someone hold your important belongings if they are going somewhere.

Never be that dog chained in a post and left behind by its owner at the street.

Asking the dog to stay right there and wait for its return but just gonna abandon them.


Life is a long journey.

We are all standing falling in line not knowing when it’s our turn to go back to His Kingdom.

One of us might be close to the next one to be called above, we never know.

That’s the waiting game most of us dread to be called next saying our life here is over.

But while you’re still at it, keep living your life and make it meaningful with colours.

Choose your battles and make the best of your time.

If you know something isn’t worth waiting and wasting your time for it,

You don’t have to. You can’t always be the one adjusting to the demands of others.

Do what you have to do. Prioritize what you have to prioritize.

If it’s not that important and urgent, don’t have to waste your time.

But if your mindset is whatever that’s taking so long is not worth the wait,

Well, that’s another story.

If you are the type to easily give up and be frustrated to anything that’s taking so long,

Even if it’s just only two minutes have passed, you’ve got no patience.

There’s gotta be something wrong with your temper and anger management.


Remember if waiting is driving you nuts, count at least ten seconds or more.

Breathing in and out until you find yourself calming down.

Let your frustrations pass and always try not to get ahead of yourself.

Think of the possible consequences of your actions if you let your emotions take charge.

From that ten seconds, if you surpassed it you can eventually surpass a minute.

Just relax and try not to overthink a lot of things.

There’s no need to pressure or scare the hell out of yourself.

Simply put, waiting isn’t that bad when you come to think of it.

It just depends on how you want to see it and how you approach it.

Also, it varies how you put your perspective into it.

You can either choose to be frustrated and beat yourself up too much,

Or enjoy while being calm and relaxed, just happy vibes all the way.


While waiting, make it an opportunity to learn tons of things about the world and life.

Learn from your surroundings, from the people around you.

What realizations can you formulate while looking at them?

What can you learn from them?

How are the people nowadays and how was it like before?

There are so much writing prompts or content that can pop up just by observing around.


Ever wondered why people are always on the rush?

What are the factors that influenced this mentality or habit of them?

People are losing their patience easily as everything seems to be rushed or done in a quick pace.

There’s that constant fear of being left behind and missing out.

Which makes them more feel frustrated and lose their temper.

People forget that not everything is a race.

Sometimes you have to take things slow to get things done properly and don’t mess it up.

Trust the process, and you’ll eventually make it.

There are some things that aren’t always meant for a competition.

You don’t always have to compare yourself to others.

Believe in your own pace, capacities, and capabilities to succeed.

Just don’t lose hope.

If you are like me waiting for prayers to be answered, it will sometimes take time.

But answers are already on its way. I’m sure it will always be worth the wait.

Just trust and have faith.

Whatever it is that you are waiting for, it will soon be delivered.

When that right time comes,

I hope it makes you happy, contented, satisfied, or at least get what you deserved.

As I end this poem, I quote:

“All good things comes to those who waits.”

May His Will be done and have Mercy for a more Prosperous New Year.

Blessings to everyone!


© 2021 Gianella Labrador