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Field of the Unseen

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Field of Dreams

Walking among relatives
and people we called friends
Things we thought we wanted
And others we took for granted
These have become distant,
now alienated and estranged
Our minds are not as they were once -
spectacularly deranged

For a time we pretended to enjoy the hustle
Of the city, the colours, the comings and goings - the bustle
'Twas, as it turns out, but a toddlers naivete

One night we suddenly grew up
and that realization shattered all
the childhood make-believe,
the old fantasy
A Voice whispered in the ear:
"Our Home is not this home,
our Life is not this life."

That field of flowers beckons now!
From the depths of dreams
into these Holy Visions of the Unseen

The Field of Dreams
tall flowers waist high.
Us seated;
face to face, cross-legged
staring, in awe,
at Dandelions!

Morning dew, soaking through
the simplicity of the flower
caressing the heart in it's hour
of need; intrigue!

Eyes on level
with beautiful petals,
surrounded by Holy Mystery
of His Majesty

What old life?
What worried us such?
The old skin melts away
essences interweave, dissipate.
Like moths we disintegrate
In the Flame of the One


[Written for a dear friend]

© 2019 Mo Durrani