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Field of Flowers


Field of Flowers

The flowers bloomed at the field
Filling it with various colors
There I walk gazing at the ethereal scenery
Never stopping until tears clouded my sight
I remembered how I love to gaze at your eyes that held the universe
I remembered how I caress your cheeks as you slumber
I remembered how I comb you luscious hair with my fingers
And how beautiful your smile is just like those flowers
But I never thought that this day would come
The day that I can only hold you in my dreams
If only I can turn back the time
Maybe my heart won't be in so much pain
However, no matter how bitter it is, I have to accept the reality
That you're already on the other side
And my heart still need to endure the pain for a few years, decades, or even a hundred years
Time will come that I can finally reach you once again
The time that I can finally hold you once again
And that time, I would make sure to never let you go and fill your world with various colors just like this field of flowers.


Lorna Lamon on July 26, 2020:

A beautiful and poignant poem filled with loss, remembering and hope. Loved it.

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