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Fictional Lover

Natasha Alva is a first time poet who enjoys reading novels and writes poetry as her pastime. She posts her poetry on Instagram.


Staring at those cool green eyes,

you fight with courage as it's your destiny.

No wonder anyone can love you for your strength and kindness.


I wished you have Finnick's loyalty,

through thick and thin, he stayed true to his heart.


I wanted to be dauntless, possibly doing crazy things as Tris would do.


Waving wands and magic spells hand in hand with Harry Potter.


We could've had this instantly beautiful stare like the way Han Solo looks at Princess Leia.


Falling for a fallen angel,

a man filled with secrets.

You filled with superpowers that continues to amaze me but filled with mysteries.

I wished that we fought for each other even if there would be no memories of us remaining.

For I know that I will meet you in another world.


But for all I know, that's just fiction.

I hoped for love to search for me.

I wanted to stay with you.

Even if it's fantasy.

Let me live in a time loop, so we can be together always.

I just want to feel what is like to be with you.

However, it is a moment of time before you leave again.

For all we know, that's just fiction.

© 2022 TheBuriedPages

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