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Fernando My Love


The love that we share, deep through our heart it runs,

We have so many memories, rain, clouds and sun.

As we walk through our lives,

our journey continues on,

I feel your love pour over me,

deep, hard, and strong.

Your protection it surrounds all of me ,

my pulse it races faster,

You're the love I dreamed of,

now and forever after.

The times we had to be apart,

my heart it felt like lead,

everything was empty,

our home, my heart, our bed.

But now we are togetheragain,

the way that it should be ,

always and forever, only

you and me.

Theres something i want to say to you,

I want you to know. My love Fernando,

I'll always love you so.

© 2022 christalluna1124

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