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Fence-Sitter: A Dedication

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


She can’t figure

What side she’s on.

But she still

Stirs the pot.


Radical, she shows love.

Conformed? Scorn she shows.

Then, comes the flip!


Now she loves the conformed

And spits in the face

Of those radicals

She once adored.


Can’t figure her out

Can’t figure her game.

Side with winners?

May never know

For those like her

I steer away from.


Nothing can be gained

With someone like that

...Nothing to be lost



Is what she is.

A friend to you and me?

She’ll never be.


She shows allegiance only to

Those on the fringe:

The irrational,

The dullard,

The fool.


But listen to her

At your peril.

She fools herself

Believing she’s not

these things.

She thinks, instead,

she is the voice

of "reason."


And that’s the worst kind

...unaware of her own failings.

She's not one to speak

For her forked tongue

only reveals

the snake she is.

© 2019 Dean Traylor