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Feminine Strength Versus Female Vulnerability

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Women always believed to be the right combination

Of being the powerhouse and the beauty within

Laying on the sofa waiting for their partner to return

Wearing the right amount of angel and devil mentalities

Wondered what it meant to tip the scales in either direction

What would happen if their frailty overtook them

Due to a moment of extreme and unexpected weakness

Hard to fathom if life wasn't completed by checking off everything

Not by choice, but out of a twisted necessity to be considered normal

Unfair that some get vilified for being truthful about their flaws

Annoying that the supposedly fairer sex cannot be upfront

Revealing their miscarriages and reproductive problems

To be considered a faulty product for not giving birth

Making them less of a woman for not fulfilling traditional duties

Broken hearts unable to mend over long buried emotions

Men let their bad habits out in full view and society approves

Having trouble believing in the good in anyone at the moment

News full of bitterness and hatred all around

Afraid to express true feelings and get scorned for them

Shaking over the idea of being found out as a potential fraud

Not presenting the image of strength and feminine power

In the right way under the guise of a perfect social media cannon

Wondered what it took to get on the right path after getting lost

Unsure of how to return to civilization after being away from it

Have no idea how to behave or dress professionally

Scared of being exposed as a boulder going down life's hill

At a rapid pace that no one can control

Clueless as to whether this is considered passing or failing

The latest test that the universe has thrown into play

Eager for some smooth sailing and relaxation

That can't come soon enough

Want to appear cool, calm and collected

Can't seem to get everything to fall into line

Taking it day by day; inch by inch until then.

Wondering when this look won't be the norm.

Wondering when this look won't be the norm.

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