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Felling Real Love, Felling of Love

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Close your eyes, just feel!
Just feel--He is by your side!
love, don't touch......
Who doesn't want to get love....
Don't catch people of mind,
just feel.
Close your eyes, just feel.....

That joy is immeasurable...infinite...infinite.....

.that joy is eternal and devraised.
You own yourself there.
Feel you can be the king of this world.

Real happiness is very... fleeting!
Real life, very painful !

Just plagued by desire.
Your heart, defeated by the conflict of not being able to get it, is twisted and broken today!

Looking for happiness, friends?
Who do you want to be happy with?
Don't bind yourself to false relationships.
We have a life above him.
The only owner of life is you ...and your creator.
Feel the immense power quality...
Feel that divine wheeled, conch-shaped, God.
Feel your own identity.
Feel your soul.
The release of the painful pain of the earthly body will be only in that feeling, where the illusion-moha-greed-lust ends.
Where Sharipu, five senses, blood, cells are all surrendered under the feet of that immense power.
Only then will you find your real heart!
That's when you can taste, real love interest!

© 2022 Raj

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