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Felicity In Adversity

Felicity In Adversity

There would be so many negatives outside,

So from the world will you start to hide?

Will you be in your own shell?

And protect yourself from facing the world of hell.

For how long, from negativity will you be saved?

There would come a time when you have to confront it and be brave.

And get out of the life that you call perfect.

But what if from the negativity I get affected?

And feel depressed and dejected.

My happiness and smile would fade,

And that makes me afraid!

But if compared to the negativity outside,the positivity within you is more in magnitude,

The negativity wont make you feel low and subdued.

Your positivity will win,

And negativity wont take away your grin.

Your positivity will stay intact.

Even if you are in an evils contact.

Even if you are blind,

Positives you will be able to see and find.

Between black and white,there's grey present.

Even in negatives,lies something positive and pleasant.

Every negative has a positive trait,

That trait you just need to locate.

And soon,in locating the positives you are accustomed,

Soon,finding the positives will become easier,and would not appear to be arduous and cumbersome.

In everything,easily positives you will be able to spot,

Naturally, you will experience positive feelings and thoughts.


Lightning up the darkness with the light of positivity

Lightning up the darkness with the light of positivity

Even when everything is a nightmare,

Positive you will remain,and to even touch you,negativity wont have the dare.

To negativity,you will be aloof,

And not get affected by discouragement and reproof.

Only positives you will capture,

And remain an epitome of happiness and rapture.

So lets make a start.

Soon to locate the positives,we will acquire the art.

In every grey, a shade of white we will be able to seek.

And negativity wont affect us and we wont fall weak.

As your mind will easily spot the positives and to it,it will ponder.

So you will sustain your positivity, even in times of struggle and flounder.

Be the candle that does not let the dark,

Take away it's spark.

On the contrary, it makes the dark room lit.

And it's light of positivity to it, it transmits.

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