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Feinting Fickle Friendships

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


What could one say about a fickle friend?

I thought they would be there until the end.

They were there once, twice, to help my heart mend,

Then I disagreed and they tried to rend.

Oh but for a second I felt their love,

The emotion that life should be made of.

It was a friendship that fit like a glove,

Until hatred rained from above.

Worry not for this is nothing new,

In the hatred of others I’ve always stewed.

This is life’s sea and my ship is full-crewed,

Cannons now loaded and aiming at you.

Don’t forget that you fired first,

A simple request you met with a curse.

Who shall it be to arrange a hearse,

Don’t fret, I’ll make it all terse.

As your ship sinks I will shed a tear,

The end did not have to be so near.

Goodbye my friend, you were so dear,

But now you can see my intentions clear.

Now it’s on to soar ever higher,

Looking down at proverbial fire.

Their situation is so dire,

Self-destruction, I do not admire.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye once more,

There’s the exit, now pass through the door.

No judgement heard from my encore,

As I nurse my heart and all its sores.

Friendship Failure

It is interesting how certain people react to even the mildest criticism, and even more entertaining how they will disappear from your life for misconceptions and miscommunication. Alas, we can't all be the type to appreciate fair and impartial communication, seeking to understand one another and respecting each other's reasonable requests. The silver lining is that where they'd try to extinguish your flames, you can throw that fuel on your fires and keep warm in the face of their frigid behavior.